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Map Gunung Gede Pangrango

Map Gunung Gede Pangrango

Selasa, 11 Desember 2007


Best Band is passing Cibodas, because we can enjoy the beauty of animal and some place draw like Blue Lake, waterfall of Hot Ciberem Water and. Particularly we can find the current through the street till post of Rhinoceros Cage of an post of intersecting street of between Mount of Gede and Pangrango
Cibodas Or Mount Putri can be gone through to use the public car of majors Jakarta - Bandung. Descend in Cipanas or three Cibodas, tied on by a small transportation car of majors Cipanas - Cibodas, or Cipanas - Mount Putri. Besides imposed by a incoming ticket of garden And Insurance, visitor obliged to leave the photocopy Badge and show the original Badge
passing Cibodas of top of the mountain of Gede can be gone through by during 5 clock and top of the mountain of Pangrango can be gone through by during 7 clock. While passing Mount of Putri of top of the mountain of Gede can be gone through by during 9 clock
From band Cibodas, there are some post of health resort which is in the form of building have very useful roof to to shelter and heat the body. Shall not pitch a tent in post of because bothering all other climber is which wish to shelter
Before our Stone Cage post of an very dangerous steep bevel, emited a stream of [by] the hot water, climber need extra bewaring of because narrowing and slippery but a lot of climber stop for to heat the body. Shall not desist here very disturb the other climber, others better use the shoe, heat irrigate very felt by if us only use the slipper
Take a bath in river in Cage Post Petrify this having water warmness very bracing body, eliminating weary and sleepness. Assisting to launch the chilled congelation blood stream. Don'T use the soap, shampoo, because a lot of climber take drinking water in this river. Opening tent in this Post is very bothering of other climber transportation journey.
Leaving our Stone Cage Post of melewati river which sometime rapid airnya so that beware of by sendal weared the. Long pants is may be necessary furled, but if calm medium river water there no rain top we can jump the above stones. Coming near Rhinoceros Cage, we will hear the voice drob the waterfall which enough draw uner climb band. We can look into downwards witness the the waterfall, or descend downwards to take a bath when water do not too cool
Rute Perjalanan Jarak Kendaraan jalan
1 Jakarta - Cipanas ( arah Bandung ) 100km 2,5 jam
2 Cipanas - Taman Cibodas ( Pintu Masuk ) 30 mnt
3 Cibodas - Danau Biru 30 mnt
4 Danau Biru - Kandang Batu ( Air Panas ) 2 jam
5 Kandang Batu - Kandang Badak 1,5 jam
6 Kandang Badak - Puncak Gede ( 2.958 Mdpl ) 1 jam
7 Kandang Badak - Puncak Pangrango ( 3.019 Mdpl ) 3 jam
8 Puncak Gede - Alun Alun Suryakencana 30 mnt

Mount Gede-Pangrango is ecotix mount location near Jakarta and Bandung Indonesia

Mount Gede-Pangrango is the single most mount often in mounting in Indonesia, more or less 50.000 climber of per year, though regulation made by as tight as possible, it is possible that because its location is nearby by Jakarta and Bandung. To bring back its habitat is monthly usually August closed for the climber of also during the month of December till March. To lessen the experienced damage [is] hence made by some climb band, but popular band is passing door Cibodas
Start 1 April 2002 to visit the National Park of Gn.Gede-Gn.Pangrango gone into effect [by] system booking, 3-30 day of before climb have to former booking. Sum up the climber limited only 600 people [of] per night, 300 passing Cibodas, 100 passing Selabintana, 200 passing Mount Putri. Climber Registration only dilanyani in Experienced Wisma Love of office of Hall of National Park Gn. Gede-Pangrango on job Monday-Friday of office clock. Post Cibodas, Gn. Putri And Salabintana have [do] not serve the climb permission. Only as control post
Governmental of Dutch Indies specify the forest area for the width of 150 km2 in top of the mountain of Gede Pangrango Regency Cianjur as experienced asylum in the year 1889. Government RI later;then alter the regional status of Gede Pangrango become the National Park in the year 1980
Gede Pangrango is one of place in island jawa which is a lot of its rainfall, mean pertahun reach 3.000 till 4.200 mm. The Rains started at October month;moon till month;moon mei with the rainfall more than 200 mm per month, and more than its 400 mm month;moon among December month;moon till March and garden is usually closed. This national park of vital importance to permeate the rainwater
Best moment to visit the garden and also climb is among dry season of about juni till september, where at that moment rainfall descend under 100 mm. temperature of Mean berfariasi from 18ºC in Cibodas till less than 10ºC in top of the mountain of gede and pangrango, with the dampness of among 80% and 90%. At night temperature in top of the mountain can reach below/under 5ºC, so that for every mountaineer have to bring the thick jacket. Climber also require to take a care because easy pohon-pohonan fall down
Its dampness is very high especially in nocturnal forest, but [at] dry season [in] top of the mountain change to descend at night about 30% till daytime go up to reach 90

National Park Mount of Gede Pangrango

National Park of Mount of Gede Pangrango represent one of the first five national park of its times is announced in Indonesia in the year 1980. its Nature circumstance is unique and typical, making National Park of Mount Gede-Pangrango as one of interesting nature laboratory of enthusiasm of all researcher of since llama
Noted in the year 1819, first Reinwardt as one who mounting Mount Gede, then caught up by Junghuhn ( 1839-1861), J.E. Teysmann ( 1839), A.R. Wallace ( 1861), S.H. Koorders ( 1890 M. Treub ( 1891), W.M. van Leeuen ( 1911); and G.J. van Steenis ( 1920-1952) have made the plant collection as base of book compilation " THE MOUNTAIN of FLORA of OF JAVA" what is published by year 1972
National Park of Mount of Gede Pangrango own the variety ekosistem consisted of the ekosistem sub-montana, montana, sub-alpin, lake, bog, and savannah
Ekosistem Sub-Montana distinguished by to the number of high and big tree like jamuju ( Dacrycarpus Imbricatus), and flower ( Schima Walliichii). While ekosistem sub-alphin distinguished by existence of plain growed by the grass of Isachne pangerangensis, flower eidelweis ( Anaphalis Javanica), violet ( Viola Pilosa), and cantigi ( Vaccinium Varingiaefolium
totally disappeared threatened Animal Primata and there are in National Park of Mount Gede-Pangrango that is owa ( Hylobates Moloch), surili ( Presbytis Comata comata), and monkey budeng ( Trachypithecus Auratus auratus); and other scarce animal like leopard ( Panthera Pardus braze), Java porcupine ( Hystrix Brachyura brachyura), deer ( Muntiacus Muntjak muntjak), and fox of red lane yellow ( Martes Flavigula).
National Park rich famous Mount Gede-Pangrango will various bird type that is as much 251 type from 450 type which is there are in Java. Some type among other things scarce bird that is Java hawk ( Spizaetus Bartelsi) and owl ( Otus Angelinae).
National Park of Mount Gede-Pangrango specified by UNESCO as Pledge Biosfir in the year 1977, and as Sister Park with the State Garden in Malaysia in the year 1995.
Some interesting lokasi/obyek to be visited the
Blue Lake. fairish Small Lake five hectare ( 1.575 metre dpl.) located 1,5 km from entrance Cibodas. This Lake always see blue of diterpa sunshine, because closed over by blue algae.
Waterfall Cibeureum. Waterfall having height of about 50 located metre about 2,8 km from Cibodas. Around the waterfall can see of a kind endemic red moss in West Java.
Hot Water. about 5,3 km or 2 transportation;journey clock from Cibodas.
Cage Petrify and Rhinoceros Cage. For the activity of to camp and plant perception / animal. Be at the height 2.220 m. oversea distance 7,8 km or 3,5 transportation;journey clock from Cibodas.
Culminate and Crater Gede. Panorama in the form of sun view embeded / published, carpet of town Cianjur-Sukabumi-Bogor seen clearly, interesting geology attraction and typical plant perception about cauldron. In this top there are three cauldron which still be active in one complex that is cauldron Lanang, Queen And Wadon. Be at the height 2.958 m. dpl with the distance 9,7 km or 5 transportation;journey clock from Cibodas.
Plaza Suryakencana. Plain for the width of 50 hectare closed over by the carpet of flower edelweiss. Be at the height 2.750 m. with the distance 11,8 km or 6 transportation;journey clock from Cibodas.
Mount of Putri and Selabintana. Camp with the capacities 100-150 people.
best Visit season: month;moon of June s / d September.
Way of location attainment: Jakarta-Bogor-Cibodas with the time of about 2,5 clock (± 100 km) using car, or Bandung-Cipanas-Cibodas with the time 2 clock (± 89 km), and Bogor-Selabintana with the time 2 clock ( 52 km).